Our Story

All of our locations remain Open. You can still come in the stores to shop, or we have curbside pick-up available (Call the store in advance). Currently we do not have a way to shop online or for you to see what is in the store, but you can call and talk to staff.

In order to keep you and our employees healthy, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Practice social distancing, even while shopping. Stay 6ft. apart from other people.

2. Our staff will wear masks; use of masks by our customers is optional.

3. Do not shop in family/friend groups or with children under 10 years of age. Send in one person at a time. This will be monitored by store staff.

4. Hand sanitizer will be available at or near the counter; please use it.

5. Refrain from touching your face.

6. Try your best to only touch items you plan on purchasing.

7. Be kind to others, including staff.

8. Practice patience.

9. Be mindful of what you say to others.

10. Please pay by credit card or phone pay when possible.

11. Do not hesitate to ask for help should you need it.

Should staff feel the stores are too crowded at any time, we reserve the right to ask some customers to wait to come into the store. Our entire staff has been working tirelessly to ensure you will have healthy food options available in your communities.

The mission at Roan Creek Ranch Grocery has always been to provide locally produced “clean” food to our community.  Roan Creek Ranch started raising and growing food for our family when I realized our food system had become a chemical system as I attempted to raise healthy children.

Roan Creek Ranch is committed to production methods that maximize animal welfare and health and produce a healthier product for our community. They take the same care in selecting all the products for our store

In 2019, the owner of Roan Creek Ranch Grocery decided that she wanted to pursue other opportunities. At the same time, Skip Doty was looking for a location in downtown Fruita. The two knew each other from their participation in area Farmer’s Markets.  The match was perfect.  Skip acquired the location, and will continue to offer the same local fare while preserving the tradition of offering locally grown and produced products meeting high-quality standards based on sustainable farming methods.

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