Skip's Farm to Market Farmers and Suppliers


We only buy the finest, local farm products from carefully vetted suppliers who observe the best farming methods and the highest quality standards.


Early Morning Orchard

Early Morning Orchard provides naturally grown delicious tree ripened fruit plus thoughtfully grown vegetables to local farmers markets on the Western Slope of Colorado and beyond.

For over a decade, Skip Doty and Early Morning Orchard have passionately produced a wide array of fresh produce for farmer’s market throughout Colorado. From peaches to beets to broccoli, and cabbage to kale, they have maintained a commitment to conscientiously tasing healthy, hand-grown varieties bringing joy and vitality to your table.

Osage Gardens Inc.

Certified Organic

We are a family farm that has been dedicated to growing certified organic culinary herbs and produce since 1992.  We have 20 acres of organically certified land and just over 3 acres of organic herb and vegetable production under greenhouse cover

Merrill’s Family Farm

We are a family farm in the Roaring Fork Valley. We offer compost and happy healthy large black heritage breed pigs and pork to the valley.

Sunshine & Moons, LLC

Sunshine & Moons, LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – doing everything they can to meet your expectations.  They strive to provide the highest quality natural/organic baked goods and feature a variety of baked goods such as Wedding & specialty cakes, cupcakes, muffins, scones, confections, pastries, pies, cookies, bars, brownies, & much more.  They offer organic baked goods as well as meet your diet needs by providing vegan and gluten free options! Come in and check out our selection of their products

Kinikin Processing LLC

Kinikin Processing in Montrose is committed to offering the highest quality, locally raised, grass-fed and grain-finished products, from their farms to their customers. They have remained true to the vision of founders Zach and Jennifer Prock: helping the community thrive, farmers prosper, connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they’re seeking.

They have been supplying meat to our Fruita store, and now they are supplying our Silt location with Bison, Elk (burgers, sausage & jerky) and rabbit. Come in and check out these new offerings.

Big B’s Delicious Orchards

Certified Organic

Big B’s mission is to make the highest quality, best lasting juice, cider and vinegar.  Their aim is to support sustainable agriculture while having a positive impact on their customers, suppliers, employees, community and families.

Tortilleria La Roca

The delicious taste of Tortilleria La Roca’s tortillas will make you think they must contain some secret ingredient. But the corn tortillas are only a combination of water and corn expertly prepared. The flour tortillas only contain water, flour salt, shortening, and baking powder. Both are expertly combined in a mixer, then sliced up by a press into workable balls of dough. The dough is put into a humidifier to soften it up, and then hammered into paper-thin sheets and cooked. The result has been pleasing customers in Carbondale since they opened in 1999. And it will please you as well. Give them a try next time your in our store.

Il Porcellino Salumi

Il Porcellino uses the best heritage breed pork available to them being raised in Colorado & Nebraska.  They work with farmers who raise the animals on pasture, feed them a non-GMO and vegetarian diet, never give the animals any kind of growth hormone or antibiotics and give them a happy life.

Il Porcellino uses the best Italian spices and ingredients, cure their products all naturally, use all natural beef and hog casings, hand tie them, slow ferment and slow dry them to create maximum depth of flavor, then hand package them.

Every step of the way is artisanal. They’re not in a hurry to make their products with giant machinery or use shortcuts. They believe the longer it takes, the better the end product!

Il Porcellino’s facility is in Basalt, Colorado. They are very much involved in the food community here with ties to Rock Bottom Ranch and several restaurants and markets including Skip’s Farm to Market in Basalt and Silt.

Dwyer’s Greens & Flowers

Anne and Brett Folske are the owners of Dwyer Greens & Flowers. Celebrating 18 years in business, they have built their reputation on high-quality plants, exceptional service, and traffic-stopping gardens.

Their vegetable plants and herbs are chosen for their ability to thrive in our extreme climate. Many have a short maturity date to make sure they are harvestable before cold weather arrives.

They start some from seed, grow some from plugs and propagate many others. All of their plants, hanging baskets and container gardens are designed and grown using organic methods.

Get your starter plants at Skip’s Farm To Market in Silt.

Rollin’ In Dough Baking Company

Rollin’ In Dough Baking Company provides high-quality breads and baked goods. Each of their baked goods is produced with quality as a top priority. They allow the doughs for their breads and pizzas to ferment for long periods of time in order to maximize flavor and texture while all of their pastries are made with premium ingredients to provide delicious flavor in every bite. They never cut corners, and their baked goods reflect that.

Rollin’ In Dough Baking Company uses the highest quality ingredients available in their baked goods.  They only use premium-quality, organic flours for all of their baked goods and  local, farm-fresh eggs from Ample Acres as well. While it does cost a little more, it pays off in the quality of their products


Everything Ozuké makes is Kosher, vegan, organic, non-GMO and free of allergens like soy, dairy, wheat and animal products.

The founders, Mara and Willow King, are probiotic pickleteers. They started making live, raw krauts and kim chi in their home kitchen to enjoy with their families and friends. Maybe it’s the probiotics themselves: those invisible forces that are working around the clock to bring us good health and vibrant awareness, maybe it’s the organic farmers and all the love they put into growing their produce, maybe it’s the fact that we live in a time that requires us to think more about what we are putting into our bodies and what we are giving back to the earth. Whatever it is, they love it and want to keep riding the wave of pickled goodness that has brought them this far.

Potter Farms

Potter Farms is a family owned and operated farm that has been producing quality products for generations.  They are a smaller operation that allows them to give each animal the attention it needs.  Their laying hens are pasture raised and produce wonderful fresh eggs. Pasture raised laying hens produce the best tasting, fresh eggs.

El Mexicano

El Mexicano has been delivering premium authentic products with the highest standards of quality and freshness since 1981. Their wide range of El Mexicano® branded products has played an important role in strengthening the culinary traditions of our people. From their rich cheeses, sausages, jalapeño peppers and more, El Mexicano® continues to make your food a rich and memorable taste experience

Amanda's Bakery

Amanda is an independent baker in Rifle, Colorado.  Her empanados are freshly baked, and are available in a variety of flavors. and made according to an autentic spanish recipe. Come and check them out.

Leon’s Farm

Farm fresh produce. Tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, pinto beans, and potatoes. By the pound or bulk, it’s your choice.

Rock Bottom Ranch

Rock Bottom Ranch serves as ACES’ mid-valley hub for environmental education, wildlands preservation, and sustainable agriculture. The 113-acre wildlife preserve and educational Ranch sits between the Roaring Fork River and the Crown of Mount Sopris. Their products, include eggs, pork, lamb, chicken, vegetables, and cut flowers.

Kaleb’s Katch

Anita’s Pantry and Produce

Anita’s Pantry and Produce is a family owned and operated fruit stand in Palisade, CO.  Our goal is to supply quality produce at reasonable prices, while serving as a pillar of our community.

Brand 2S Meats

Brand 2S Meats raises their animals as close to their natural habitat as they can achieve.  No vaccinations, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no chemical de-wormers.  Their animals feed on 100% naturally grown pastures and are never fed GMO grain.  Their pastures are grown with only biological supplements; no pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetic chemical fertilizers.  They believe that the health of their livestock translates directly to human health, because every single one of their customers is worth it!

Colorado Mountain Honey

Taste the variety of Western Colorado. Taste Colorado Mountain Honey…Specialty honey, harvested locally from the base of Sopris Mountain to the greater Roaring Fork Valley. Our bees collect the nectar of wild flowers to make unique raw and unfiltered honeys.

ELA Family Farms

Certified Organic

Located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado, ELA Family Farms’ ninety-nine acre organic fruit farm is dedicated to growing the best-tasting peaches, apples, pears, plums, cherries, and heirloom tomatoes around.  They are the only certified organic, fourth generation orchard in the Rocky Mountain West – the mouth-watering fruit they grow is the result of generations of farming wisdom, innovation, and experience.

Strohauer Farms

Strohauer Farms is a 4th generation, family-owned and operated farm based in Northern Colorado. The farm is comprised of organic and conventional potatoes, onions, wheat and also conventional corn, hay and triticale. They are dedicated to being good stewards of the land and committed to producing the highest quality of produce possible for their customers. They offer specialty potatoes and onions that include fingerling potatoes, shallots, pearl onions, boiler onions and cipollini onions.

Rocking W Cheese

Nestled in small-town Olathe, Colorado, Rocking W Cheese is the only artisanal cheese producer on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. It is here that the Webb family has been refining their own special take of farm-to-table food for the better part of the century. You can taste the rarefied Colorado air and generations of artisanship in every creamy, tangy bite of their homemade cheese.

Every type of Rocking W cheese is hand-crafted in small batches, and any added ingredients are introduced at the peak of their flavor and freshness. This process yields an array of vibrant and naturally delicious cheeses. With cheese like this, it’s no wonder that Rocking W’s a beloved staple at local supermarkets. It’s even attracted fans at the esteemed River & Woods restaurant in Boulder, Colorado and other eateries which value a farm-fresh product.

Queso Campesino

Queso Campesino cheeses are manufactured from pasteurized, Grade A whole milk from cows, most often sourced from local dairies for farm-to-table freshness. Our suppliers agree to exacting standards, including a commitment to the ethical treatment of their animals in a well maintained and protected environment.

Queso Campesino’s products are all natural and minimally processed. There are no added ingredients, preservatives, flavors, or growth hormones. The shelf life of Queso Campesino products ranges from 35 to 120 days depending on the product and packaging. They best consumed within 3-7 days of opening, depending on the product.

Don Juan Chiles

Don Juan Chiles is a family owned and operated food packaging company that has been serving the state of Colorado for over 25 years. Don Juan Chiles specializes in bulk chile, spices, and other fine Mexican products.

At Don Juan Chiles, we strive to provide access to world class products through our relentless commitment to excellence, quality, and dependability. Along with our high quality products, affordability is yet another component that we hold high in our vision at

Don Juan Chiles. With quality products and great prices, its easy to come together at the dinner table with family and friends where we believe can be the most important time spent with loved ones!


The relentless pursuit of perfect pasta

David Bowen and Bill Curtis founded Pappardelle’s in Denver on May 14, 1984. Their vision? Exquisite, fresh pasta in an array of flavors never before experienced by Americans. At that time, pasta in the United States was generally limited to the one basic flavor: plain.

After extensive research they decided that the only way to ensure that their pasta creations would be of the highest quality was to recreate the traditional Italian pasta making methods: fresh, high-quality ingredients and small batches.

Beehive Cheese

Since 2005, Beehive Cheese has been “making friends with cheese”.  When you take a bite of Beehive Cheese, it melts like butter in your mouth. That’s because Beehive Cheese is made from the creamiest milk in Utah, meticulously crafted into superior cheese. Founders Tim Welsh and Pat Ford had a dream to bring back the local creamery to their community. Delighting in the sweet smell of warm milk, the whole family has fallen in love with the natural rhythms of making cheese the old-fashioned way.

Spinelli’s Pasta Sauce

Since 1994 Spinelli’s  Market has been providing gourmet foods and Italian Specialties. Their “homemade” sauces and dressings are a big hit with their customers. Because of their commitment to only using the highest quality ingredients and their dedication to delivering their customers the freshest product possible, Spinelli’s reputation as the best tasting, all-natural pasta sauce and salad dressing company has grown. They are very proud to be doing business with suppliers and stores who match our philosophy of selling natural, healthy, premium goods.  

Dunn Rite Jerky

The Dunning family began packaging jerky using a secret family recipe over 15 years ago. They shared the jerky with family, friends and shipped it to the troops overseas.

Everyone loved it and it was so popular they decided to make a business out of it! The company is still locally owned, operated and uses Colorado beef for a completely home grown flavor to pour that secret family marination recipe over. 

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy was originally founded by Dawn Jump  in 2002. Her dream was to combine her love for goats and cheese-making while bringing sustainable food to her local community and the world at large.

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy proudly hand-crafts a variety of creative farmstead goat cheeses. Their award-winning cheeses are unique adaptations of old-world cheese-making traditions. Their technique is grounded in familiar comfort while their flavors and style are continually an unexpected surprise for both goat cheese novices and experts alike. The public has come to know and love their cheeses by their bright, mild flavors and satisfying textures

Galaxy Express Inc.

Established in 2002, Galaxy Express Inc. is a leading wholesale grocery and food service distributors of Latin products in Colorado.
This Family owned, and operated company prides itself on its ability to service all customers big and small.  With their distribution point in Denver, Galaxy Express Inc. has the ability to reach any customer within the greater northern, southern and western Colorado area while continuing to provide the service, reliability and competitive pricing.

Enstrom Candy

More than 80 years ago, Chet Enstrom started perfecting the art of almond toffee. By 1960, his candy had begun to develop a reputation. At the urging of family and friends, Chet and his wife, Vernie, founded Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction, Colorado. Now their granddaughter Jamee and her husband, Doug Simons, are at the helm. Their sons recently joined the team as the fourth generation of candy craftsmen.

For four generations, our family has crafted the most delicious confections, including World Famous Almond Toffee, with unparalleled care and quality.

Colorado Mountain Jam

Colorado Mountain Jam offers a diverse gourmet line of jams and jellies that are as nutritious and healthy for you as they are delicious and pleasurable to eat. They are located in Palisade, Colorado, which, with its hot dry days and cool nights, produces some of the highest quality, best tasting fruit in America. They grow fruit themselves, and also buy the highest quality fruit from other growers who, just like them, are committed to the land.

What makes their jams and jellies special or truly “gourmet”? It’s simple—it’s quality.

United Natural Foods, Inc.

Today, people are eating fresh. They want ready-to-eat and better-for-you. Specialty cheeses. Grass-fed antibiotic and hormone-free natural protein. Wall deli. Bakery goods and prepared foods. That’s why UNFI is working to deliver our fresh products from Albert’s Fresh Produce, Nor-Cal Produce and Tony’s Fine Foods to more places across the country, including Skip’s Farm to Market in Silt, Colorado. UNFI’s vision is to make fresh available everywhere – and we’re putting everything we’ve got behind it. To give you more choices. More possibilities.

UNFI has been sourcing the highest-quality fresh products – locally and around the globe – for 40 years. Curating the right assortment of everyday, unique and seasonal products. Their fresh expertise, combined with a wide collection of natural, organic and specialty grocery selection, gives you a unique the shopping experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Meadow Gold® Dairy

Meadow Gold® Dairy has been producing fresh quality dairy products since 1901, making them the inter-mountain region’s oldest and largest full-service dairy company. Founded in Topeka, Kan., as the Continental Creamery Company of Topeka, the name “Meadow Gold” was selected by company employees to describe the golden quality of their fresh creamery butter.

Meadow Gold® Dairy meets all the fresh dairy needs of their customers by providing everything from fluid milk and its by-products, such as cream, sour cream, butter and cottage cheese to a complete line of ice cream and frozen novelty items.


Albert’s Fresh Produce

Organic, natural & conventional produce & perishables, including meat, dairy, and beverages. Something for everyone. Now that’s fresh!

Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods offers the highest quality in national and exclusive brands. They strongly believe in having the right products and work continually to provide the most sought after items and brands. From the everyday staples to gourmet items that inspire, Shamrock Foods is proud to provide quality products that keep your menu fresh. Their offerings include local, farm-fresh and high-quality dairy products, fruits and vegetables from a variety of local sources and providers from around the world, and a curated selection of hand-crafted foods and flavors that will inspire and delight you and your guests, all backed by more than 90 years of experience.

You Choose –

Organic or Conventional

Skip’s Farm to Market offers its customers a choice between 100% organically grown and raised products using sustainable farming methods and products produced by conventional farming and production methods. At Skip’s, you can choose what is best for your family and your budget.

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